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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Where to learn cycling? Try the carpark !

Daddy and Mummy are the trainers, but it can be quite challenging to find a spot to train the kids. East Coast Park would be too dangerous for L-platers and Triangle plates, (not to mention young kids), with all the bikes, blades, joggers and dogs :p

So, we pick somewhere higher, in our neighbourhood multi-storey carpark !
Quiet, plenty of space, and we went up to the roof level, so kids will not Bang into cars keke.

For the two smaller kids, we allow them to run and make merry.
Sometimes, we would be having so much fun, and when they shout or scream, they forget about the surrounding residents ooops :p

Video : Where we ride

Making good progress with Kang.
As long as kid is interested, curious, and persistence, most of them should be able to pickup skills and confidence within three sessions ( hourly).

Daddy also took the opportunity to teach Wei how to improve his handling skills :
- going up/down slope
- e-Brake
- cycling in S shape

** All photos and Video above are taken with Daddy's Samsung Galaxy S2.

Next, Daddy has modified Mummy's bike with additional seat.

We should be able to piggy-back Yi and Xin very soon.

Interested to know how we train our kiddos, and had fun along the way?
- Stage 1 - Wen Wei pickup bicycle
- Stage 2 - Wen Kang throw away two wheels
- Stage 3 - Two older boys are now independent, Parents can piggyback the smaller kids

More photos at SengkangBabies cycling school :p


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