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Friday, November 25, 2011

Arthur Christmas, recommended for familes

Yesterday, the boys caught Arthur Christmas. Throw away all traditional beliefs about Santa,
the reindeer, the sleigh, the elves. "Arthur Christmas" is a hi-tech version of Santa.

His factory is still at North Pole, but Santa and team is harvesting IT to
transform their "Logistics" every Dec 25th !

The fun starts, when someone realised one child did not get her present!
Ah Gong (Santa Grandpa) came into the picture and show the traditional way to deliver goods, with reindeer and sleigh, and maybe even dropping through the chimney ! They even got mistaken as UFO !

A heartwarming show with cute animations, we are recommending "Arthur Christmas" to families. At the end of the day, Santa is in the business of making kids happy :)

Video : Watch the preview here. Santa gone Hi-Tech !

On the way home, Christmas lighting is already UP in Orchard :)

We even pose with a Christmas Tree :)

Daddy would like to take this opportunity to thanks DadsForLife and Qais for the tickets, the boys had a wonderful time (maybe all except Wen Yi, who pester Daddy to go home 1/2 way through ).. Hello to Kelvin and Nick too :)

ps.. we caught a sneak peep of Spiderman before our show starts, and if this is how 3D is heading in the future, more excitement and thrills await movie-goers ! You should see how Peter SWINGs and Dives around New York City. Fasten your seat-belt !



  1. looks like a wonderful show to catch:)! thanks for sharing.

  2. most welcome PC, I went without any expectation, and the show manage to captivate me and boys :)


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