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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S2

Ice Cream Sandwich, HoneyComb, Gingerbread, Froyo, Éclair, Donut, CupCake.
Android make their OS names so delicious and tantalizing.

What will come after alphabet “I”?
(click for Android history)

The recent Android phone comparison was between HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy S2.
Daddy fell in love with the white Samsung Galaxy S2.

Slim, only 8.5mm, weighing 116gm.

Fast, with so many things running in the background, our S2 does not feel draggy at all, thanks to it's 1.2Ghz Dual core processor and 1Gb Ram.

Camera, although S2 does not have iPhone 4S's F2.2 aperture, dim-light shots and videos are decent.

Sample shot, Daddy notice the flash is too bright, photo quality seems better without flash?

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Since last week, Samsung has released Galaxy Nexus (running on Ice Cream sandwich),
Apple got it's iPhone 4S (Siri talk to me), and HTC release Sensation XE (Beats audio).

Here is a review of the four latest SmartPhones :

Beyond the hardware, Daddy is eyeing Android's latest OS Ice Cream Sandwich.
- instant photography (Zero lag, and even time-lapse feature ! )
- face-unlock (the one and only app to prevent or kids from jail-breaking our phones?)
- Daddy's wish list is for shutter-control to be available on SmartPhone one day (demise of our point and shoot cameras)

Read more about Ice Cream here -->

Video : Drop test.. poor iPhone S4 and Galaxy S2 !

Almost forgot, drop Samsung Kies and Social Hub, these two applications failed miserably.
1) Kies is supposed to synchronize Calender and Contacts with Outlook, but Daddy even have problem finding Windows 7 driver for Kies !! Daddy would recommend "My Phone Explorer" instead.

2) Social Hub is supposed to integrate your Facebook, Twitter and Gmail, but a lot of functions are missing
(eg FB cannot share photo via gallery, and Twitter cannot "reply" to tweet)

So many more things to explore, but so little time :)



  1. I am using a Samsung Galaxy Ace currently, i admit the kies and social hub is of not much use. HAHA!!

    Anyway, Samsung Galaxy S2 is a great phone!! I am aiming Galaxy Nexus... hee.. =)

  2. hi Hong Wei, Ace is also quite new right, changing again? If can wait, suggest you wait for Galaxy_Nexus2 or Galaxy3 :p


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