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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Streetdirectory Bloggers gather at Mookata

Tell you a secret, Daddy is a actually a lard lover. Char Kway Tiao or Mee pok without lard just taste different (a tad bland). Ok Daddy also know it is Extremely unhealthy, you can scream and shout pig-lover now.

We, the bloggers from Streetdirectory (SD) met for the first time at Mookata. We might not be food bloggers, but everyone express bewilderment or over the white fat piece of Lard, smack in the center.

Wait for the Lard to "melt", then add in your dishes.

Mookata uses charcoal to bbq their dishes, the meat is tender and tasty, feels like a combo between Seoul garden and steamboat. One thing Daddy notice is the meat keep slipping into the soap base.

Just add vegetables and the soap is ready to serve. There are thee grades of chili, for you to challenge your threshold ! (Do take note the marinated meat is already spicy )

Our friendly Shu Lin stuffing us with food :)

Good food, good company, we chit chat and share our stories. Hello to new friends (Derrick, Tony, Edith, Kaiyi, Jaclyn and Eugene). Daddy is looking forward to more events and gatherings !

Special thanks to StreetDirectory, Francis, ShuLing and Arlina for hosting us. You can get Mookata's address at their fanpage.



  1. i luv the chilli... hot.. very hot.. and extremely hot.. WOW!!!

  2. Hi, I think the last photos feature Shuling, Edith, Tony, Derrick, John and Francis...

    Yes, it was a well spent and joyful meal for all!Hurray and hope for more 'goodies' to come by soon lah!Not forgetting the place served delicious and mouth watering Thai BBQ.

  3. Tony : I only try level 1, and fail haha.
    Francis : John will have more photos :)

    Cheers, and see you guys soon !


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