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Sunday, November 27, 2011

School outing to Jacob Ballas

Back in Aug, our childcare centre organised a field trip to Jacob Ballas. Daddy join in just for fun and to capture some memories. It would be interesting to see how kids interact with their peers :)

This was a whole-school affair from toddler to K2, and all teachers were mobilised. Can you imagine how challenging it is to chase after the kids, and head-count every few steps !!
You have to admire the gusty and resourceful teachers :)

Soon the class split into different routes, Daddy could not follow Boon Xin as she will cling to Daddy (and miss the outdoor learning agenda)

Nothing beats bringing the kids outdoor to touch and feel their "lessons". When kids understand Mother Nature better, and can relate their school curriculum to outdoor activities, it is indeed very satisfying :)

Is Durian ripe already?

Daddy admire all the teachers who are handing the Toddlers and Nursery classes. These kids are still so young and restless, if they are not tired, they would be emotionally drained and crying keke. Teachers really have to pull out all their tricks to pacify kids.

To be a good teacher, it starts with passion and patience, and a lot of hard work and determination. Kudos !

We explore the waterfall and the suspension bridge. But we did not climb TreeHouse or waterplay. The last two activities might be too challenging for big group :)

It was a HOT day !

.. but you cannot deny the children's smiles and enthusiasm.

Settle down, before we head out for lunch. Who is hungry raise your hands !

After the mornings excursion, we had fried rice for lunch. Somehow, Daddy felt some of the kids are too exhausted to eat, Poor kids :)

Video : Kids Having Fun !

Mission accomplished, thank you to teachers for their contribution :)

The last time we visit Tree house is 2 years back, now with Circle Link, we should pop by Jacob again, before Wen Wei outgrown all this playgrounds :p



  1. the kids are so cute! it looks kinda like the taman negara of malaysia :)



  2. Yes, supercute ! but JacobGardens is not even 1% of TamanNegara lah. Maybe only baby-Taman :p


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