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Monday, November 14, 2011

CheekieMonkies got 100 holiday activities for your kids !

No joke, 100!

Daddy Kelvin has set a high benchmark. Anyway the first installment is already up, do pop by http://cheekiemonkie.blogspot.com for more fun recommendations.

CheekieMonkies got two boys and the youngest is a gal, you can ask Daddy Kelvin why he call them CheekieMonkies :p

Their blogging style is very similar to SengkangBabies, and our families love to comb Singapore for more playgrounds ! Do checkout their happening FanPage for more inspiration.

We know, because we always research their blog for ideas :)



  1. Thanks Andy for the link-up! :D


  2. I just saw his long list of activities.. Impressive oh.

  3. @ CheekieMonkies - thank you for the effort haha (shag)
    @ Phoebe - 3/4 more to go keke

  4. I really love the name of the blog...

  5. Cant wait to see the full list! ^_^


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