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Monday, November 14, 2011

World Orchid Conference and Elephant Parade

20th World Orchid Conference and Elephant Parade,
these two events are in Singapore this week.

Above Flower Dome thumbnails are from World Orchid Fanpage.

World Orchid Conference is like an Olympic for Orchid lovers.
Besides landscaping works at Marina Bay Sands, the highlight will be a preview of Flower dome. Flower Dome is one of the conservatories at Gardens By The Bay.

Official opening will be in 2012Jun, but Daddy and Mummy will be romancing under the Orchids without the kids keke. Marina Bay's icons like Flyer, MarinaBaySands will look different from within the glass walls.

Video : Gardens by the Bay

**Tickets are still available at http://www.20woc.com.sg/site/
Adult - $15 weekday, $20 weekend
Children - $9 weekday, $12 weekend

Click to read more about http://www.gardensbythebay.org.sg or Daddy's Orchids.

**updated 2011Nov18 - Look at Daddy and Mummy's Orchid excursion

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

What about Elephants?
We heard there are 160 of them hidden all over Singapore. It is an effort to raise awareness about Elephant conservation.

Someone has provided a Map here, but why Sengkang no Elephant :p

More Elephant info and photos can be found at their Website and Fanpage.

Have a good week ahead, less Rain please.



  1. Can't wait to go for the WOC event! So nice you 2 can romantic for Orchid tour. Looking forward to see your photos since you'll be going ahead first! ^_^

  2. hi Phoebe, we will bring kids there when playgrounds are ready, and Bay-East is a good spot to cycle and spot the Domes ;)

  3. Any idea when the playground will be ready? Will be looking forward ^_^

  4. Minimum 6 more months :p
    We can roam the grounds and (hopefully) cycle there before playground is up :)


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