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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Night shoot @ Gardens by the Bay

Magical, that sums up Daddy's experience. Imagine yourself inside Flower Dome at night, under the cool aircon, with plant and tree species from half a world away. Yes, we are still in HOT humid Singapore.

If Singapore aspires to be a "City in a Garden", then "Gardens by The Bay" will be Singapore's crown jewel ! We are building a world class garden ! As part of Orchid Conference, we get to preview Gardens' Flower Dome. Cloud-Forest is the other dome.

Marina Bay Sands (MBS) look imposing from every angle.

If you are coming from MBS, below paranomic view will greet you halfway across Dragon Fly bridge.

This is the DragonFly bridge from another angle.

However, Daddy came up from B2 carpark, so the first thing which you will be Astonished are the hugh SuperTrees ! They are TALL, up to 50m !

Inside the Dome, some of the Trees seem to touch the Glass roof ! There are a lot of cactus variety too.

Majestic trees, but Daddy thought they look lonely :)

Even the Glass walls are a piece of art ! Love how they slope towards each other, Aesthetic piece of engineering !

Twinkle Twinkle little stars. With the reflection and lighting, you can imagine yourself staring at the
Stars in the galaxy ! It should be awesome to hear the raindrop hit the roof !

Adore the blue blue ambient ! As if Christmas has come earlier. We only need Flower Dome to SNOW to complete our imagination ! Looking at first photo, can you imagine celebrating White X'mas with your family in the dome !

Alas, Flower dome has to close at nine, Daddy only got 1 hour to capture his Christmas landscape.. but Outdoors prove to be another spectacle !

After Flower Dome, Daddy walks towards MBS to explore more shots. Adore the glowing and colourful SuperTrees !

The lights' reflections dances off the lake.

Another colour spread , Red, Green, Blue, Yellow.

MBS with Blue underbelly, Gardens by the Bay offer us a different perspective of MBS towers.

Maybe guests would like to draw their curtain, as DragonFly bridge will be popular with photographers !

Driving along ECP will be a new experience.

With MBS in the background, all the photos look imposing !
Daddy is wondering how "Gardens By the Bay" will look like, when you are high above at SkyGarden. People are paying $20 to go up MBS for a view of City Skyline, but Gardens will provide another perspective of Singapore !

Daddy has No doubt the SuperTrees, lakes and Domes will come together to form a picture perfect postcard !

====== ====== ====== ======
Things to take note..

- Temperature in the Dome is around 23degrees, ensure kids wear their jackets.
There are quite a few low-walls, and a lot of pricky cactus. Hold on to your kids :p

- For photography, you need to stay minimum two hours in the dome to capture the ambience, and architecture. If you are into macro, add another 1 hour :p

- Ideally, you should have a wide angle lens, Daddy's kit lens (18-55) fail to capture Everything.

- Daddy suspects the carpark can accommodate 500 cars easily, but it will still be packed during events.

- In the evening, the passage way between MBS and Gardens can be better illuminated.
It might be easy to get lost when navigating through the Gardens.

- Bring your anti-Mosquito spray, these pests like to linger near the waterway.

- Lastly, drive safe around Marina Boulevard, the roads are not level, filled with pebbles, and street lamps are dim. There are a lot of trucks and construction workers around the area.

====== ====== ====== ======

Preview of the Flower Dome and Heritage gardens, are but only a morsel to tickle your appetite.
You can view map and future development plans here.

Daddy bid the SuperTrees good night ! Maybe one day, Npark will encapsule Gardens into a Snow Globe, that would be so cool :)

ps.. take a peep on how "City in a Garden" will be transformed. Exciting years ahead !

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