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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Flower Dome splendor

Daddy's third visit to Gardens by the Bay ! He must be a 花痴 (obsession).
We have covered Orchids 兰花 Exhibition, and Night Shots earlier.

But we had the most Fun on our third visit ! Flower Dome is splendid !

SuperTrees can be spotted everywhere, even from within Flower Dome.

Can you spot a Spaceship suspending in mid air?

Love the casted shadows ! The window panes are tinted in different pastel shades !

At 0930, the staff allow us to enter Flower dome 30 mins earlier :)

Popping inside the cool interior, cactus greets us ! It was cool (pun intended) inside the Flower Dome.

Bottle trees, why are some of the name so Funny (baobab)?

Trees behind us are really old !

Daddy told us Flower dome replicate cool-dry climate, whereas Cloud Forest Dome replicate cool-moist. Sounds so technical, we had more fun appreciating the flowers and landscapes :p

We even caught some animals and eagle !

This will give you a feel of Flower Dome's size, stretching up to a height of 45m !

Even the Orchid is HUGH ! Quick, snap a portrait.

Colourful bloom !

..and boyish Boon Kang. Who say macho kid cannot have a soft side :p

Can you feel the Sun's rays peeling though the glass walls ! It was a warm and cool feeling :)

More Orchids and Landscapes await us. Vibrant colours :)

Another icon viewed from within the Dome.

Looks like snow flecks? Nice Blue petals (or is it azure, cyan, sapphire, turquoise ?)

Notice the shades above? They are automatically drawn when the sun gets too hot. Cool !

Kids fight over camera, who can blame them? At least they are not plucking Orchids haha.

Yes, we know Xin loves Flower and Dome !

Smile, the flowers make us happy, naturally :)

Yellow everywhere

After 90min, we reach the exit. Daddy went trigger-happy today, and took more than 400 photos !

Walking into the woods.. lovely Greens greeted us farewell!

If you like Flower Dome and Bay South's preview, this is only a small section of Gardens by the Bay. Not sure how much of "Bay East and Bay Central" will be revealed in 2012 Jun !

LinkPower. Our stamps to Singapore's latest Garden playground !

We took a stroll around Flower Dome.

Very fortunate to have the Sun (instead of Rain) accompany us. A few friends were caught in the weekend downpour.

Video : Come, follow our kids, as we explore Flower Dome ! You will understand why our Family love flowers so much !

If you cannot wait 6 months for the official opening, try Bay East for another angle of the SuperTrees and Dome. Daddy is already looking forward to hike among the SuperTrees ! (At SuperTree Grove)

Flower Dome is the one on the right, Left is Cloud Forest (photo from GardensByTheBay)

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

You can read about our 兰花(Orchids) exhibition and Gardens@NightShoot, or you can view more photos at our Fanpage :
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We recommend that you visit BPDG's coverage of Flower Dome too :)
There are some nice shots of Heritage Gardens.

**2011Nov29 - thank you Gardens for featuring our Gardens blog post :)
**2012Apr06 - Photoshoot at Gardens Bay East


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