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Saturday, November 26, 2011

MacRitchie Reservoir

MacRitchie Reservoir, when Daddy and Mummy were young, we have to do cross-country at MacRitchie, and slog along Lornie road! Yup, Daddy is not good at running.

Anyway, we heard about new developments at MacRitchie, and we drop by with our friends, Heng Family. Top on our list was the submerged boardwalk. It allows visitors to literally walk on water, WOW !

We arrive early, but the kids are especially active, running everywhere and making fun :)
This bridge and pavilion are MacRitchie's signatures. We used to be able to spot tortoises but where are they now?

Behind the pavilion is supposed to be our MacRitchie highlight, but where is the water? We saw our friends (the CheekieMonkies) having so much fun with the submerged walkway ! We still do not know who control the water/tide/tap, please ask Nparks :p

Ok, we make some alternate plans, and went hopping on a piece of log haha. Look at the video to find out how kids can easily have fun anytime, anywhere, and anyhow :)

Video : Kids entertaining themselves

We make a Uturn and head towards the Dam. We plan to explore Prunus Trail. Do you know that NPark has a lot of diy trails for visitors to get close to nature? The other trail would be Chemperai. Both are suitable for young kids, and even strollers (narrow at certain sections). TreeTop trail would be suitable for kids 5 years and above, you need minimum three hours to complete ! (Wei and Kang has passed Tree Top challenge !)

Scenic landscape awaits us around every corner. Walking along the Dam, offers paranoma view across the waterbody.

Kids are surprised that there is a Dam at MacRitchie.

Canoing is very popular with students. Daddy cannot confirm whether Canoe rental is available. The water edge can be very muddy, kids need to pay extra attention.

We settle down for picnic, but on hindsight, having a picnic at MacRitchie is asking for trouble. There are so many monkeys waiting to ambush us ! We were lucky this round :)

Lush greenery invites you to get closer. We hop onto Prunus boardwalk.

Video : Activities around MacRitchie

This is a short trail, but you can see overhanging trees and scrubs. Yes, there are a lot of monkey colonies along the way. Please ensure food are kept out of sight !

Our families take a rest.

You might be interested to know that fishing is allowed at certain section of the reservoir.

Do go early to avoid carpark jam. Although there is a multi-storey carpark, MacRitchie is a hotspot for Singaporeans ! Otherwise, you may wish to readup Phoebe's MacRitchie adventure, or venture with us higher up (TreeTop bridge).

More photos can be found at our fanpage.
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