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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Four wheels good, Two wheels better

Daddy laments that we can only practice once a week.
Wei is now slightly confident after three sessions. Next, Boon Kang.

Our friendly bike shop at Sengkang Kopi-Tiam (Bike Zone) helps us remove the training wheels.

Kang was quite reluctant initially.

Video : bye bye four wheels !

Now, there is only one way forward to have FUN, Kang need to master cycling :)

Video : Wei should be confident by now

Read our cycling adventure Stage 1, or cycle over to our Fanpage for more photos.
We are one more step closer to a family cycle trip !



  1. No pain no gain. I fell right into the drain and had a wounded knee cap when I learnt cycling. I am sure Kang will pick up cycling on two wheels as soon as he got rid of fear factor of falling. Jiayou!

  2. Last time kids more garang, blood or pain do not hamper us. Kang should pick u fast :)


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