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Friday, November 18, 2011

Orchid Conference at Marina Bay Sands, 兰花 everywhere!

Love the entrance, with the overhanging what-plant (is it willows?)
Disclaimer, Daddy has problems identifying the plant names, and find it even harder to pronounce them. Please look for your friendly botanist :p

If you are into Macro, you are in Heaven !! So many flower, seed, shoots, roots, and even scrubs jostle to capture your attention.

Scroll down to see what we found :)
Orchid or Pitcher?

Dancing Lady, can you spot her dress?

Who forgot their Amsterdam clog ?

Cutie pie

Taiwan's landscape

Papua New Guinea's Mask.

Orchids mania :)

Smiling broadly, as our kids are not around, giving us some quality time :p

Even Mr President Tan drops by to view the beautiful Orchid blooms.

Is this pod pregnant or does it look like a snail?

Pink Butterflies !

This one looks nice, an Orchid too?

This pitcher look-alike plant actually feeds on little mammals' dung !!

Daddy prefers Mummy's companionship more than the flowery displays :)
It is so difficult for us to Date with the kids swarming around us.

Amazing landscaping with houses, buffalo, butterflies, waterfalls !!

Crowds pack Orchid exhibition

Bottles and miniatures

Love the various shades of blues and purples !

They call this Tiger, but the spots look like Cheetah :)

Orchid with goggles, too cute !

Love these twisters, like something you can find in your aquarium.

=== === === === === ===

Things to take note :

- Opening hours 1000 to 2100
After this Sunday, Gardens By The Bay will be closed, until 2012 Jun.

- Tickets are no longer available online.
You have to purchase them at MBS. Long queues are expected over weekend.

- For those taking public transport, you can opt to take Orchid's free shuttle bus at MarinaBay MRT or at Singapore Flyer. Otherwise, you can take bus 97 or 106 from Suntec.
More details can be found here.

- On weekdays, wheelchair and stroller have a fair bit of space to manoeuvre, but we suspect the exhibition halls will be packed over weekend. Space constraint applies to tripods too :p

- Go near to the Orchids. With so many people, it is easy for you to miss some flowers.
Helpful Npark volunteers are onhand to explain and help with your queries.

- Lastly, take tons of photos !!! We do not know when Orchid Conference will return to Singapore again.

=== === === === === ===

More pictures of blooming Orchids can be found at Orchids Fanpage and SengkangBabies
**updated 19Nov - "Night shots at Gardens by the Bay, and Flower Dome" !
- Read about Daddy's night out at Gardens ! and what is happening inside Flower Dome !

If you want to impress your partner, read up this Orchid guidebook before heading down.

...but for god's sake, DO NOT walk around Marina Bay Sands with this book :p

Daddy's photos are not doing justice to the Orchids, you have to see the exhibits upfront to appreciate the R&D, Grooming, care and passion behind each stalk of Orchid !


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