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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Primary school exams are no fun :p

Exams, never fail to stress the kids, and more often parents and caretakers.
Did you know that in Singapore, chicken-pox outbreak peaks before PSLE?
Imagine the stress factors ! (unsubstantiated report from a casual chat with doctor)

We are very fortunate that Mummy is patiently guiding Wei along his Primary school curriculum. For Nan Chiau, students only need to take their Primary 2 SA2 exams. The results will stream them into Primary 3.

Personally, Daddy thinks Pri 1 and 2 is still honeymoon for kids, where they try to settle down to structured school life. But it is still tough, and challenging to ensure our kids follow through with their homework (Mummy is not a Tiger Mum).

For us, we encourage kids to work hard and play hard. We allow them to relax by playing with our phones or simply watching TV programmes. Daddy bring them outdoors to relax occasionally :)

From Pri 3 onwards, more objectives and we suspect KPI will be used to access students and their development potential ooops :)

We are happy as long as our kids put in their best effort. Wen Wei came in 12 in his class. This may be his first exam, but Wei has proven to us that we can trust him, and Mummy's effort has paid off. Actually we only hope he does not fare too badly :p

Wen Wei, Daddy and Mummy might not be so vocal in praising you , but as our first child, you are brazing a standard for your siblings to follow. Mummy and Daddy are so Proud of you.

Catch Wei in Nan Chiau's alumni booklet too :p


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