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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wen Kang Primary One orientation

We attended Boon Kang 's Primary one orientation last Thu. He will be joining Boon Wee in 2012. You can read about Kang's registration process in our previous post.

Boon Kang is outgoing and quick-witted by nature, and we believe he should be able to settle down quickly. We will also need to work on his temperamental as he can be quick temper too. We remind Kang that it will not be pleasant for us to meet his Form teacher too often :p

Nan Chiau Alumni arrange some activities for parents. The new Primary kids head to their new classroom with new classmates.

Meanwhile, Principal Tan tells us about Nan Chiau and Hokkien Huay-Kuan's history.

Nan Chiau wish to develop each kid to his full potential, but the school also emphasize Character molding.

Wen Wei show us his favorite food stall, Laksa.

Meanwhile, Kang enjoys a read-along session with his new classmates :)

Daddy and Mummy are eager to see Kang march on his new milestone :)
As Kang leaves K2, No3 Boon Yee will become big brother to Boon Xin.



  1. gong xi gong xi ... i'm sure the primary sch experience will be a great one leading to a bright future for kang :)

  2. Wow, Teacher looking into her magical ball, and predicting the future keke :)

    Thank you Thank you :)


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