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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Only-boys event

Hot sunny day, Daddy brought Yi swimming today. Wei and Kang join us after their swim classes. Daddy told Mummy that this will be a boys' event.

Our little girl is always so possessive and attention hogger. We sort of fell sorry for No3 Wen Yi. In case you have not noticed, the second youngest child is always the one who needs more attention from parents.

It is so easy to focus on the youngest one and forget the rest :(
So we must make an special effort to make up to the boys.

Look at how Yi enjoys his outing today, we can hear his laughter all over Anchorvale Swimming complex ! He sure had a fun time playing "soldier" and "crocodile" with his siblings and Daddy.

Wei and Kang were happy to have their younger bro for an afternoon dip :)

Video : Swimming Fun

Daddy must divert the kids' attention so he can go pak-toh (dating) with Mummy :p
(Yes, Daddy need more attention from Mummy too keke)

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