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Sunday, March 4, 2012

A portal to hold your cherished memories

What is memory?

It need not be a photo from 20 years ago. It can be a moment just a minute ago. Or memories can be your own milestones, like your first kiss, your baby's first crawl, passing our driving license.

Daddy went down to Singapore Memory's pre-launch event at National Library. Loved the lift deco, and fantastic view from 16th storey Pod.

Meet the team behind project Singapore Memory.

The computer terminals allow us to preview first hand, and even to upload your nostalgic photo :)

Met a lot of friends. new and old, shouting out to all "Hello" ! We are all interested in some part of Singapore's heritage :)

Daddy uploaded his girlfriend's photo, read why this is our first photo :)

We, ourselves, determine our own memory. We hold our own destiny, and we chart own own paths.
What we have today, will become our memory, ten years down the road.
(Imagine, Wen Wei will be in Army by then ..)

Meanwhile, more albums to scan ! A lot of SengkangBabies' photos pre-2003 are only hard copy....

We want to share our love stories and memories with our kids. What about you?
Are you interested to share your own heritage? Do drop your memories into

More photos can be found at our Fanpage.


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