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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Forest Adventure, Indoors !

Frasers Centrepoint brought Outdoor thrills indoor, at The centrepoint. Last Friday, schools were closed for Children's Day, and we first hop to Centrepoint before swimming at Jurong East.

In case you are interested, Frasers are having other fun activities around Singapore. Read our earlier blog.

This "Forest" adventure is from the same company at Bedok.
Daddy brought the boys to recce their new playground.

Anyone know what is SOC (Standard Obstacle Course)? Kids look at Daddy blindly.
We collected our complimentary tickets.

Do we meet the requirement for FUN?

Buckle up, and we are ready to Go !

Look at the thrills, no spills, kids rise to conquer their fears. Kang was the commando, dashing through the obstacle in record time !

For more adventure photos, you might want to pop by SengkangBabies' Facebook fanpage.

Bye bye adventure land :)

Video : SOC kids version

We would like to take this opportunity to thanks Frasers for a morning of Fun. It was fun and encouraging to watch our kids surmount their challenges. Maybe Daddy will bring them to the "height 6m" version at Bedok next time haha.

ps.. in case your kids are interested what Daddies go through in Army, view Pioneer's SOC orientation.

**updated 2012Mar - We went tree climbing at Bedok Reservoir's Forest adventure !



  1. Your kids have more exciting recreations than I do. LOL!

  2. of course, their Daddy and Mummy always finding new playgrounds keke :)


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