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Monday, March 5, 2012

Tampines 1 water playground

It is an understatement to say we had fun at Singapore's latest rooftop waterplay area. Yes, we are talking about Singapore’s first wet-and-dry wildlife-themed rooftop playground at Tampines 1.

The Hippo, Elephant, Polar Bears and Giraffe kept us soaked (literally) for two solid hours !

Actually, the kids were full of anticipation when they knew we were going for water sports. Even Daddy and Mummy are curious about the polar-bear on Sat's papers!

We arrive early..

Before we could start swimming, we participated in family photo (cosplaying),
and even sword-fighting with the resident big Polar bear :p

Did we mention this was a bloggers preview? We saw so many friends bring their kids along.
Very Very happening ! (Hello JBabies, OurEverydayThings, DaddyNivlek, aJugglingMum, MamaWearPapaShirt, RuthWongWrites and MadPsychMum). Even Tampines1 got their own blog :)

We are so glad our cousins Kara and Joley join us too :)

After seeing the compound, can you imagine how hard it is to rein the kids in?
Everyone were rushing to change into their swimming attires !

The older boys rushed to the Artic corner, and slide down Polar Bear's tummy.
Daddy love the white ice bergs ! Impressive !

Look at our cheeky Wen Yi. He is in his own world already !

Hello Wen Yi, do you know Elephant are protected species? Boy went around stalking the poor elephant haha.

Oh no, kids got water-guns in their goodies bag, and nobody was safe in their AK47 or M16 mayhem !

See how our kids enjoyed themselves !

Even our little gal was pleasantly surprised with her pistol power !

Hungry? There are Frogs cupcakes to entertain us.

Ok, some parents got ambushed or splashed, but nobody is complaining. Just look at all the smiling little faces. Even Daddy is tempted to join in the fun !

What can you do in the dry area? Kids had a go at everything.

Come 10Mar, Tampines 1 rooftop will be officially opened. Do drop by this waterplay area, and you will understand why we love it so much !

What did we bring home with us? A giant football sofa, and additional knowledge
about Earth's eco-system and inhabitants.

We blog about Singapore's rooftop waterplay area recently, but Tampines 1 has just
set the new benchmark with it's Safari theme.

We would like to take this opportunity to thanks Tampines 1 and Fleishman-Hillard for the invite.
Do drop by our Fanpage for more Photos.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

ps.. latest update (copied from Tampines 1 blog)
10 & 11 March (Sat & Sun), 4pm - Scaly Slithering Fun with Singapore Zoo
Slither in as Dr Ooz debunks the myth that reptiles are nothing more than slimy, scary creatures. Be prepared for a chance encounter with his scaly friend too!

17 & 18 March (Sat & Sun), 3pm - A Squawking Good Time with Bird Park!
Join Dr Squawk as she shares amazing bird facts and get a chance to meet her parrot friend!

24 & 25 March (Sat & Sun), 1pm - Fund Raising (Level 1) and Animal Adoption (Rooftop Playground) with ACRES
Help raise funds to save rescued wild animals by releasing volunteers from the cage!

10, 11, 17, 18, 24 & 25 March (Sat & Sun), 7pm – FREE Movie Screening
Shoppers will get to enjoy FREE ice-cream, balloons, popcorn and candy floss with a minimum spending of $20 in Tampines 1.



  1. Hey Andy, we didn't get to meet but I wanna thank your wife for helping my daughter down the slide! Nice to see all the kids having so much fun :)

  2. hi hi, I think your girl was paranoid of the seal haha. It was very happening, to see all the kids running around :)
    Maybe we will meet next events.

  3. Lovely pics, so nice to see the smiles on the kids' faces. Nice meeting you and your family, Andy!

  4. hello June, nice meeting you for first time too !

  5. That mummy & daughter shot is classic! =D

  6. thanks Klessis, it was a random shot, but I love the "WOW" effect :)

  7. Very nice pics, makes it look so fun! I stayed in Tampines for the first 20 years of my life, bet there will be many exciting changes when I go back home this year. =) Thanks for posting!

  8. Thanks for compliment Summer.
    Really, when the kids enjoy themselves, it makes it so easy to snap snap their expressions :)

    SG might be small, but we have a lot of things to explore and experience (free or nominal fee).

  9. Hi Andy,

    We love the happy faces in your photos :D Also, pleasantly surprised to see the video of our playground too!

    There are more fun-filled activities upcoming at Tampines 1 rooftop for the month of March, do visit our blog ( or Facebook ( to get information on the events at the rooftop.

    See you around :)

    1. You are welcome Tampines1 :)
      You got a cool blog, not many shopping centres got blogs, keep it up !


  10. Very nice pictures!

    Nice to see you enjoy the Splashpad!!! We are the manufacturers of the Splashpad (water playground) equipment and I invite you to follow us on facebook ( and on twitter @vortexINTL

  11. thanks John, in Sunny Singapore, we really need to cool down, and I believe your products are popular with kids :)

  12. Andy, yes! enjoy the great playgrounds in Singapore, follow us at FB: ctart.creation for more new playground locations! Patrick

  13. thanks for dropping by Patrick, I think you got a broken link :)

  14. Hi. What time are they open/close and is it free?

  15. hi hi, sorry I have no idea, please contact Tampines1 at -->


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