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Saturday, March 10, 2012

i Light Marina Bay

i Light Marina Bay is back for the second year, and Daddy went for the media preview last Wed.
Guess what is his preferred installation?

Featuring 31 installations along Marina Bay, Daddy feels this year's light displays are more captivating then last year, incorporating more visual effects.

Click on any of the images label from 1 to 31 for a detail explanation from their artists :)

Back to the briefing room, friends gather to chit chat and also hear our program curator brief about iLight's one month programme. (click here for list of events from 09Mar to 01Apr)

Let us review some of the special effect...

#15 - Key frames
Stick figures gave Daddy the impression that they are kicking football ! To enhance your experience, climb up the seating gallery.

You must see this ..

#13 - Parmenides I
3D sense achieved through mapped projections and lighting. If Daddy's descriptions suck, please drop by iLights' official explanations ok :p

#14 - Crystallised
The artists know Singapore cannot see much stars, so they use 5000 lighting rods to form a canopy.
You just need to stand below and look up. Cool !

The highlight for Daddy is #18 - Garden of Light
Walking across from the Helix bridge, we can see Art Science Museum plastered with wallpapers.

Lovely reflection, courtesy from Darren Chin. Do drop by his album for more fantastic shots :)

The different projections allow us to view the Walls in a different light (pun intended). LOVE it !

We board a coach to travel around Marina Bay. Do take note that if you are bringing your kids along,
a slow stroll might need 3 hours to complete :)

#27 - The Gate
Artist wants us to imagine this Gate leads to another realm, maybe spiritually, or maybe new beginning. This is the most interactive display as we crowd around the laser beams haha.
(Hello Ghost Whisperer Melinda, are you here?)

#26 - 5QU1D
Although this Sotong cannot squirt black ink, it flashes blinking lights. Set against CBD's background of skyscrapers, it seeks to highlight our fast changing pace of life.

#25 - Deck Journey
Go on, you are invited to sit down. Deck chair will illuminate and immerse you in a glow.
Maybe we will view Marina Bay promenade from a different light :)

Believe me, it is not a simple beam of LED, stand infront of the light pole, tilt your head left and right..
until you see the image. Amazing !

We did not cover all #31 installations today, but you can click on below image for their locations.

We hope you and family will have fun exploring the artistic installations and concept.

Grab this map, head down to Marina Bay, and be impressed ! Oh, and you do not need to be artistic to appreciate the Lights installation :)

View more photos from SengkangBabies here, and even nicer photos from Darren here.
Plan your Marina Bay tour from iLights' homepage.



  1. Great photos from the iLight event, Andy!

  2. Thanks Rachel, your photos are nice too :)


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