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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SengkangBabies are moving...

Sengkang Babies are migrating...

We are still in Sengkang but will become

After three years, 850 posts and 500 videos (youTube), we have decided to host our own blog. You can still expect the same quality of Fun and Adventures from our babies.

Please be patient with us, as Daddy is still messing with his new blog project. If you have been subscribing to our blog-updates, please pop over to our new blog and add in your email address at FeedBurner.

Our old blog will still be up, but this will be it's last post.
Join us on our new journey, starting with our 4d3n Penang itinerary :)

- Forest Adventure @ Bedok Reservoir
- Bukit Brown cemetery


ps.. Daddy will share why and how we decide to host our own blog, and change from blogger to Wordpress later. The new interfaces are quite challenging to adapt :p



  1. Oh, I am also gonna host my own blog and in the midst of updating its template, but sticking to Blogger though. Am curious as to why you decided to switch.


  2. yo Kelvin,

    in a nutshell.

    1. To make my blog more personal, and hopefully professional. Take ownership from Google.

    2. Since I am commited to blogging for the next few years, might as well host it myself, allowing more blog design/widget/plugin flexibility, and maybe more exposure and traffic

    3. WP or Blogger.
    Blogger beats WordPress hands down when it comes to ease of use. But WP offers a lot of extensions and customizations, but need more technical Understanding and maintenance :)

    For me, I want to go WP to learn new stuffs. Move domain is tough, Blogger to WP jump is even harder :p

    Will share more in another post :)

  3. Also Blogger beats WordPress for the photo quality, because blogger using Picasa.

  4. Hi Danny, for standard photo size of 600 or 400 width, I thought we would not be able to tell the difference? But Blogger's has caught up a lot with WP, in terms of fancy templates and widgets.

  5. Hi Andy, wow it sounds like a big move! Mine wasn't that hard by just buying a custom domain but sticking to blogger. I think WP is pretty good too but I won't be able to do that migration without messing up technically. So good luck and I'll be visiting your new blog soon! =) Jia you!

  6. hi Summer, I dive into the deep pool haha. So far so good, but learning new tricks, bugs and terms everyday. Yes, see you around at the new SengkangBabies :)

  7. Wow! Exciting!!

    All the best with the move! Am excited about my new blog layout coming out soon too! =)

    Looking fwd to reading!

  8. Thanks Maureen, for your belated well wishes :)

  9. I hope you have a smooth transition to your new site.


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