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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sentosa cable car and Underwater world

Back in Jun, we took the cable car to Sentosa. There was a 50% promotion for cable car and Underwater world. Alas, the bill still came to $100 !

Family just love cable cars, look at our adventures at Genting and Taiwan !

What can you see up on top?

One by one, the cable cars bypass each other, we try to pinch one of them keke :)

The famous USS globe

Our tickets allow us to visit Cable car museum too, and there were so many replicas for us to pose.
(Actually photography is not allowed, but everyone were flashing away ooops )

Lego cabin ! This cabin is for show only, and not meant for slinging you across Keppel harbour !

Underwater world and it's inhabitants await us. We caught two sharks posing with us !

Seahorse, Garden eel, and feeding time. We are attracted to anything which moves.

Not sure what is this fish's name, but we call it "Cute". When you slide your hand it, the fish will let you pat it !

..but we kept our hands to ourselves, when we see these giants (prehistoric creatures)

Touch pool, which kid can resist touching starfish? and hermits? The stingray feels weird though.

We teach the kids to different between touch and no-touch pools ! We do not want anybody to dip their fingers into a tank full of tiger or bull sharks !

There are a variety of crabs, from tiny to giants !

The travelator brought us around the aquarium. One round is not enough !

We even bump into Phelan's family on the ride. What a small world.

Daddy love the jelly fish.

Next, Dolphin lagoon. The dolphins are pink in colour !

We left Boon Xin in school today, so that Daddy and Mummy can spend more time with the boys.

Can you spot who came to take photo in 2005?

Out of fun, we went back to Mount Faber in two cabins :p

Love the view as the sun is setting.

Video : Cable car ride

More Sentosa pics can be found at our Fanpage :)
When will Sentosa tickets be more affordable?

ps.. after the ride, Daddy shared with us how two cabins fell into the sea in 1983, killing 7 people.
It was an unfortunate incident, and we hope it will not happen again.



  1. This place look really nice la.. worth for price.. But the price value look small but different curency.. keke

  2. hi Nikel, we only go when there are promotions, otherwise big family goes everytime $100 bucks ! (not including F&B yet)


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