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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We are on DadsForLife video :)

We blog about filming SengkangBabies for a feature in DadsForLife recently. The video is out, and we love it, kids are reminding Daddy to pull our card game out again :p

Daddy met a few other Daddies at DadsForLife's 2nd anniversary luncheon.
Hello friends (Alphonso, Andrew, Ed, Isaiah and team from Dads4Life Hillary, Sofina)

You can read an interview with Richard (Chairman, Father Actions Network) here.
His team is working to get more Dads involved in the kids' lives :)

Video : Look at Singapore Dads' achievement :)

Thank you to the team at Dads and MCYS for featuring us, we really had FUN along the filming process, and the video captures our family spirit.




  1. Niceeee :)

    Go Daddies!! Totally support the initiatives!

  2. yo Leonny, thank you for support :)
    Dads can do more to chip in with parenting.


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