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Monday, November 7, 2011

Candles Light UP Marina Bay

We went down to Merlion Park for Candle Night @ Marina Bay last Saturday. You can read more about Candle Night history and event here.

Heng and Tan families join us to make lanterns next to the Merlion.
Weather was warm, but give us the sunshine over Rain anyday :)

Wonderful FishEye shot of our families from Darren's wonderful album.
Do pop by his Fanpage for more awesome CandleNight shots !

Then we saw friendly Juliana distributing candies, in Kimono and cherry platform heel !
Kids say hello and swarm over to her candies keke :)

We use recycle items to diy our lanterns and kids proudly showoff their lanterns.
Daddy spotted Leone and John in the crowd :)

As Candle Night is a collaboration between Japan and Singapore students, we saw a lot of Japanese students in their Kimono finesse. It certainly add to the night life. (Sakura ! Sakura !)

Lantern must have lights to be complete, everyone queue up to light up their wicks.
Merlion Park is illuminated in a sea of orange :)

As the flame waver in the wind, you can see the kids' excitement in their eyes ! Who is ready to march?

We walk one round along Merlion Park (fronting One Fullerton). We notice the F&B outlets also have their own "special" lanterns to support CandleNight event.

Besides families, we saw some couples join in too. It is warm but 100% romantic to hold your darling's hand and join in the fun. No such luck for Daddy, as we were peeling our eyes wide open to ensure nobody gets left behind keke.

Love all the candle lights, and creative decorations.

Video : capture our Candle Night event

We end the evening with a group shot, before we head to Lau Pa Sat for dinner :)

Read about Phoebe's event here.
More photos at our SengkangBabies Fanpage and Darren's Fanpage.

Thank you Marina Bay for the invitation, we hope to come again in 2012 !

Tip for taking group night shots.
- Night flash shot will only expose the people, and background remains dark.
- If you expose for 10 second, background will be sharp, but family will be blur due to motion.

Tip is to use slow-sync in your flash-setting
You will need a tripod.



  1. Need to learn from you how to take night potraits! What settings did you set? How to slow-sync?

  2. My personal experience is manual mode, with shutter speed 2-3sec. Not sure what shifu lee setting is?

  3. hi friends (we learn together), before everything become automatic, there is this solid explanation -->

    For Nikon, I just set to "P" or "A" mode, set flash to "slow". (your Flash menu should have red-eye, rear-sync and normal flash etc).

    To make if more challenging, setup Manual 2s or 3s like what Johnny mention, and use normal-flash (under Manual-mode no slow-sync). Normally F13 to F18 should be good for backgrounds.

    Try it. (and you do not even need external flash)

  4. hmmm..My camera not too high-end. Can only set to F8 max... :( Think need both shifu to enlighten. Will find some opportunity to try out :)


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