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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Batam Holiday Inn Day 1

Two Sundays ago, we venture to Batam Indonesia for a 4D3N retreat.
Our friends gave nice review of Batam, and we decided to visit the island for ourselves.
--> Read their review of Holiday Inn and Harris Resort here -->

Batam is 50min away by ferry. Besides seafood and mistress (yes, some dirty Singapore ah-Peks keep mistress in Batam), did you know Spa is also very happening in Batam?

Ferry ride with our little friends

Our friends Tan family joins us for our Batam trip. We went to Redang together in 2009 :)

If ferry ride is boring, Auntie Bee Hong (Wen Yi call Jie Jie?) got endless lollypop supply :)

Holiday Inn is only 5 min away from WaterFront jetty.
We got our twin bedrooms for $268, inclusive breakfast (3D2N).
Try to get a pool view, your kids will love the scenery :)

Video : Pool view

After checkin, younger kids need to satisfy their milk craving first :)

We took our time to explore Holiday Inn's backyard.
Tea Tree Spa is famous for it's Spa services.
While the mummies make some appointment to reward themselves, the daddies entertained the kids with balloons.

Someone was unhappy, maybe Yi missed his noon nap time?

We signed out for the free 4pm transfer to Nagoya Hill shopping Mall.
(Free transfer only on Wed, Sat and Sun)
Fyi, WaterFront is very quiet at night, no shopping and no good restaurants, only got pubs and discos. The shopping areas are in town (30 min drive), so you might want to plan your itinerary accordingly.

We recommend the following for Nagoya Hill :
- JC donuts (dozen for 57,000R)
- A&W (not available in Singapore)
- Chitato beef-flavour chips
- additional bread and food (restaurant at Holiday Inn is very expensive, Fish and Chip Sgd $28 ! Food is nice but...)
- the top level foodcourt and cafeteria are like chimneys! Everybody were smoking, and how do you expect the kids to eat without choking :p

There is a food street in Nagoya, where you can find authentic Indonesia dishes.
We went for Chinese food haha.

Shopping after dinner, our bus will only reach us at 8pm.

You can get more information on Nagoya from these blogs -->
- (why Chitato chip is good)

#Did you know you can become millionaires in Indonesia?

We also noticed that most shopping malls have wifi, even our Hotel "sports-lounge" offer fast and free wifi :)

Video : Watch up for our Day 2, we love the water slide!

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Our 4D3N summary

Day 1 - Introduction to Holiday Inn

Day 2 - Water fun and kids club

Day 3 - Batam sightseeing - itinerary

Day 4 - One last swim (Adults love the slide too ! )


  1. The Kids are so adorable! I wish I could to Indonesia some time!!! This is like just one of the Kissimmee hotels that we stayed in at Orlando.

  2. May I know which ferry did you take?


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