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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Batam Day 4 - swimming again

Time flies, when we are enjoying ourselves. Day 4, Wen Xin "Gong" a loud one to make sure everybody wakes up !

Video : Everybody wake up !

Kids are anticipating another morning swim !

Video : Breakfast first

Wen Xin our darling.

You will notice Wen Yi is always most happy playing with water !

Video : Slides for kids and adults :)

If you prefer, table tennis and cycle around the Hotel compound.
We would not recommend sea sports, the sane does not look pristine :p

Pack up and embark onto our return ferry. Lollipop Auntie appears again.

Time to sleep... everyone is tired

Xin having her sweet dreams :)

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Our 4D3N summary

Day 1 - Introduction to Holiday Inn

Day 2 - Water fun and kids club

Day 3 - Batam sightseeing - itinerary

Day 4 - One last swim (Adults love the slide too ! )


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