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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wen Kang is on The New Paper - GV Mums and Babies article

Our No2 boy Wen Kang, is on The New Paper today.
On page 33, there is a coverage on how Babies and Toddlers are welcomed at cinemas.

Daddy had brought Kang and Yi to GV's Gulliver's Travel screening on 01Mar.
Together with a few other parents, we were asked about our experience.
Click on the TNP's article below.

We take this opportunity to thanks TheNewPaper's Jennifer for writing this article. We hope more young parents will be encouraged to bring their Kids to a pro-family theatre, to enjoy some family bonding and fun.

If you got more pro-family initiatives and venues to share, do drop us a note. We would be glad to share them with more families.


  1. haha so young already on newspaper so famous lol i aso wannnnn :P

  2. hello Renae, Malaysian bloggers should have more opportunites :)


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