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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Batam Itinerary Day 3

Batam Day 3, we visited some landmarks in Batam. Balerang Bridge (Read ba-le-rang) is a local landmark. Does it resemble the Penang bridge?

If you are interested to know more about the sights and sounds of Batam, go to http://wikitravel.org/en/Batam or simply google "batam spa" !

Earlier in the morning, our buffet breakfast by the pool.

We hire a local guide (Uncle Robert) to bring us around Batam.

The motor-convoy will peddle their tidbits and crackers.

Dark cloud looms throughout our stay, pray it holds.

When the sun came out, we smile :)

Anyone going fishing? Engineer's fishing rod was picking up so many "blue" fishes.

Yi : Quick, My boat running away !!!

Bye Bye to our bridge.

Video : the bridge and jie jie

Uncle Robert brought us to a shopping centre (ooops forget the name).

Burgers, cakes, even Breadtalk ( sorry Batam difficult to find pork-floss, as Indonesia is Muslim country )

Fun cars at Carrefour :)

Video : Do not accident my double-decker trolley !

When Wen Xin went on stage, we thought she won a bike !

Lunch at 933. (neighbour is 955 Halal). Kids are hungry and getting impatient. They can view the fish ponds first.

What is available on the menu? Kids laugh when Daddy say gong-gong (they thought Daddy is joking)

We order pepper crab, sotongs and cereal prawns. Love It ! Crisp and crunchy, kids finish everything. !Warning, do not click on Pepper Crab photo below!

We recommend 933 for your seafood delight. If you want better seafood, we suspect you have to take a boat to the kelongs :)

642 Rupiah (about SGD $90) is a steal for Singaporeans. We can get better seafood in Singapore, but it will be around $200.

Tidbits, we proceed to buy some local delicacy.

Dinner at 999. Do not ask why all restaurants got numbering-names :p
Our guide tells us this "food-court" is famous with Singapore Ah Peks.
We can see why, the beer ladies wear so short (blushing haha).

Sorry if you expecting some saucy pictures, we are still a family blog :)
Tomorrow will be our last day on Batam. Wait till you see how "Adults" slide down into the pool !! (coming soon)

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Day 1 - Introduction to Holiday Inn

Day 2 - Water fun and kids club

Day 3 - Batam sightseeing - itinerary

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  1. hiii,i'm fine=)the view really looks like penang bridge.at first i saw it i was thinking were you putting the wrong title!confused me for a second..hehe!seafood,so tempting..*stomarch growling* >.<

  2. yo Jennifer, Penang is more fun, and Gurney drive makes me salivate ! Rojak, Laksa etc etc

  3. Hi Andy, was googling for batam info and was glad to see that you have blogged about your trip there! Thanks for these very informative posts. The itinerary is especially useful and the hotel you stayed in looks great!

  4. hi Ing, enjoy your family holiday.
    Do take note the food prices are not cheap, compared to Malaysia :)

  5. Hi, do u still have the contact of uncle Robert whom u hired for sightseeing? Was he good? How much did it cost? Thanks

  6. Sorry Tristan, I do not have the number for Robert. He was my friend's ex-colleague. May I recommend Tripadvisor (forums) for your research.


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