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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Singapore Discovery Centre - educational Fun for all

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As part of MySingapore's contest, three bloggers met at Singapore Discovery Centre (SDC). Our mission is to blog about our SDC experience. And of course, Daddy would love to win an ipad or Shanghai trip :)

Along the passageway, we can see interesting facts about Singapore.
Whether you like it or not, this signboards are hilarious and cute.

Take the boat at your own risk!

Inside SDC, Daddy was attracted to the patchworks. Someone has woven mini-patches together to form some artwork. It is very impressive, and it symbolises Singapore's unique heritage.

We have a brief introduction, Sharon, Que and of course our coordinator Roy. Daddy Andy is the only parent, and bloggers are getting younger nowadays. Let us concentrate on SDC's exhibits (and not age) ok :p

Look at our first picture, can you make out SDC's logo is actually an Ear, Eye, and Hand?
~~ ~~ ~~

Hear the Past.
See the Present.
Touch the Future
~~ ~~ ~~

Our guide for today is Ariel, a friendly and very patient lady.
Ariel walks us through"Gateway", where we learn about Singapore's milestones.
Every exhibit is multimedia and stress on interaction. Cool !

We found Singapore's famous icon, the Merlion. All tourists must take one photo of Merlion, otherwise he has never been to Singapore (someone please tell me true or not?)

How is your Singlish? Kilat or now? Not to worry, Ariel will explain why and where the "lahs", "wah", originated from. It was so "Shiok" to see Singaporean's own unique lingo!
If you do not understand Singlish, please visit SDC :p

Hey, it can be fun to mouth Singlish among your friends (kakis).

Next stop is "So Singapore". Our host is a talking Merlion with blue eyes (Caucasian?). This is a 5 min compressed video about who and what makes a Singaporean. Your HDB flats, MultiCultural language, religion and cuisines. Even our favourite carpark-aunties and ice-cream uncle were featured !

We are not the only visitors, Daddy noticed a lot of primary school kids were touring SDC (maybe National Education programme?). Kids were busy and they found Merlion "happening".

Do you want to know what Mr Brown ((a famous blogger) discover when he spent 24 hours in a coffeeshop? This is another out-of-the-box idea.

We saw a hugh ball, which can change colour. The colours, music and multimedia aims to showcase Singapore as a vibrant city. Still a ball to Daddy, big one.

An interesting train.. it shows our constrains as a young nation, a small island state.
Nobody owns us a living!

We saw some bricks, but this is not Legoland (Malaysia is building one in Iskandar.)
These blocks convey the "challenges and issues" which we encounter, when we are embarking on nation-building. Who still wants to be an architect?

Singapore is small but we must Dare to dream big. Go out and achieve our own aspirations !

Defence ! Who will protect Singapore? Police and our Armed forces?
Everybody places a part! (Daddy is carrying a missile, in case you think it is a milk bottle!)

We went into a simulator, and sat through "Raffles Place MRT explosion".
It was a humbling experience. One moment, people goes to work, the next moment, people are lying dead or injured. Total chaos everywhere. Will Singaporeans know what to do during an emergency? More importantly, will we be able to stand up and move on with our lives?

In "Battlefield Command", we team up to wage a 3G SAF warfare. Daddy is designated commander, and he needs to integrate Singapore's Apache helicopters (Que), Leopards tanks (Sharon), and Frigates (Roy).

Our combined arms whack the enemy, not bad for rookies !
The commander scores 100%, like Real haha. (Daddy confess he does not even know what was going on, where is the user-manual !! )

Visionarium, housed inside the colourful "Ball". You (potentially with 119 others !) are supposed to brainstorm and key in your ideas, in order to make Singapore happening.
(Maybe someone has key in "MarinaBaySands" and UniversalStudios last time?)

Little George, the Robot. Daddy suspect his battery is running flat. It's voice is quite shrill and spooky (yucks). Anyway, you can ask him "How are you?", "Are you boy or girl?" when you meet Little George yourself.

Are you ready for some excitement after the morning's walkabout? We sure were ready for some 4D actions at XD-Theatres.

Fasten your seatbelt, we are going to race in some ravines, up and down at full throttle! You can feel the rushing wind, and maybe some afterburner's rocking sensation! 5 min is too short !

With our andrenalin pumping, we were introduced to SAR21 and pistols yeah!
At the "Shooting gallery" the arms have been modified for simulation, but the recoil is "Strong" ! You got 40 rounds to nail the enemies, or you can challenge your friends. Fun ! (Daddy actually miss the gun handling, since he is already out of reservist :p )

Pistol is new to us. We were issued with P226. This feels like your computer games haha.
Look at how the ladies handle the guns, please do not mess with them!

Que can camwhore somemore with pistol in hand !!

One of the "heroes" moment. Do you think Daddy can roleplay as a cop, does he look intimidating haha? We had the most fun and laughter at this section!

We spotted some cartoons, with Mr Lee, Mr Goh and Mr Tony in the picture. However, the movie posters are more interesting :)

Daddy almost forget, we saw iWERK's Tahiti. Theatre is equipped with superb sound systems, and 3D, but you might want to sit further back. Daddy got sore neck after constantly looking up at the BIG screen.

Tahiti is in French Polynesia. Some surfers travel to this remote island ( did you remember Godzilla came from these atoll) just to challenge the waves. Demonic Waves ! The special effects are good, and we marvel at how effortlessly these dudes conquer the waves. Daddy is too old for stunts :(

After surfing , our lunch is at "Sarpino Pizzeria" from the canteen. We had pizzas and chicken wings, and the wings were slightly spicy and sweet. Highly recommended!

That wraps up our SDC tour. Daddy hope you have enjoy this blog article, and will consider bringing your kids to explore the galleries and exhibits.
Besides the high-tech multimedia, it will be beneficial for our kids to know where Singapore came from, the difficulties encountered during our formative years, and how we can push the boundaries for the future!

Video : What is SDC?

Hey, SDC even allow Daddy to discover more about Singapore, and make him a proud Singaporean :)

Other events which we skip :
- On Location Reporter - this is cool
- Digital Dance Studio - something like "Dance Dance revolution"
- Safti bus tour
- Paintball

Singapore is definitely Cool !

~~ ~~ ~~
Singapore Discovery Centre is located at 510 Upper Jurong Road, Singapore 638365.
Open daily (except) from 9am to 6pm. More information at
~~ ~~ ~~

Credits :
- As bloggers, we get to enjoy the events for free, Daddy would like to take this opportunity to thanks SDC (Ariel) for hosting us, and MySingapore for sponsoring the trip.

- Some of the pictures above are taken from SDC website

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##This is our blog submission for
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  1. Andy, hope you enjoy your Batam trip with your family as much as we do. Oh yeah...not to forget hope you win the trip to Shanghai too:)

  2. woah! Must find one day go there!

  3. what an interesting place! lots of discovery eh!

  4. @Danesa - thanks :)
    @Lotsy and Papa - we need minimum 1/2 day to explore everything


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