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Monday, March 28, 2011

Batam Day 2 Family Fun, Swimming and Kids activities

Everyone who leaves Batam Holiday Inn remembers the swimming pool, and the slide and balls!
Can you imagine us having breakfast by the pool daily?

No wonder kids are always smiling, they know the pool is Waiting ! The tasty muffin and omelette helps :p

Let's pose for some warm sibling shots

We change into our swim attire, are you ready to get WET ?

Isaac and Chloe are water babies too

The wading pool is shallow enough for kids to "walk" about.

You jump, I jump!

This is the S.lide! It generated so much laughter and screams!

Video : scream

Kids queuing up patiently for their turn :)

Stuntboys, look at the video to see how they tailgate each other !!

Balls and Guns are safer for the smaller kids. We enjoy dipping our babies into the pool of balls keke.

Mushroom showering

Trust Wen Wei when he say "I will be back" !

After a wet morning, we attended Panda Club (Holiday Inn's kids club). Take a look at the various activities available.

If you prefer to stay outdoor, Uncle Johnny imported some bubbles to thrill the kiddos.

Drawing and story-reading always keep the kids entertained. PS3 should do well too :p

Daddy is still puzzled why Xin decides to pinch Uncle! Oh No!

There is small slide, and Daddy was worried little girl would stumble. Otherwise Chole and Yi were enjoying themselves.

Did you know our kids love cosplay? Daddy found a Princess gown, and a General's suit.

Video : Panda kids

While the men took care of the little ones, the mummies went for a relaxing massage.
On average, TeaTree charges about $60/hour.

A late lunch for us. Room service Nasi Goreng and Pizza. Delicious !

For dinner, we treked to Delima for Seafood.
Daddy had research and most blogs recommend Delima... but..

"Restaurant" is pretty rundown, and you can see nails protruding from the wooden platform.
Be careful with running kids!

Maybe seafood with a sunset should be memorable.We are only 5 min away from WaterFront Jetty.

What did we order? Prawn and Fish was 5.5/10, and crab was only 5/10 !
Chili crab, what type of chili is this? Got some burning smell !
We were really disappointed with Delima, and forget about non-existent customer service.

Total damage - 572,000 Rupiah , about $70sgd

Back to our Hotel, kids enjoy a lap or two of hide-and-seek around the lobby area.

As part of our package, we can enjoy the entertainment room's facilities.
You have boardgames, Wii, darts and free WiFi!

Our brood of kids found a new friend :) This boy was so generous to share his iPad with everybody. Daddy could not remember the last time kids behave so generously.

More information :
- take note that it might not be safe to wonder out on your own. Especially if you are near to seedy neighbourhoods :p
- there are no lifeguards at the pool, please keep your kids in sight !
- floats and boats are available on availability
- there is only one nanny at Panda, Holiday Inn might want to consider adding more staff during peak hours (Daddy could have gone to Spa with Mummy if there are more nannies to look after kids :p )

Video : In case you need more convining that our Slide is fun :)

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Our 4D3N summary

Day 1 - Introduction to Holiday Inn

Day 2 - Water fun and kids club

Day 3 - Batam sightseeing - itinerary

Day 4 - One last swim (Adults love the slide too ! )



  1. we are going to have some water fun in A Famosa, Melaka next weekend :)

  2. we love the safari ride :) and cowboy fireshow

  3. Love how kids enjoy and had so much fun at the pool and slides. kids really love anything that's exciting and a challenge to their abilities.

  4. hi HolidayClub, you forgot about the adults, we had a lot of fun around the kids too haha

  5. So the food is not so good but the at least it is cheap, everything else seems fun

  6. Family Fun, food at hotel is easily same price as Singapore ooops :)


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