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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas + Wei and Yi birthday celebrations

Every year, we celebrate Wei and Yi's birthday's during Christmas.
End of the day, it is not the venue or food which makes a party happening.
It is always the company of good friends who make a party lively!

The food.

The hosts.

The venue.

Our Guests.

The VIPs! (kids)

The atmosphere!

The toys.

The song.

The cake.

Video : The party !

Video : What goes on behind, Wen Xin is secretly happy to see her bro gets bullied!

It helps that all the kids become kaki over dinner and toys :)
What a way to end 2010 !

The party Mood was hot, and everybody enjoy themselves.
Let our pictures tell you how we celebrate Wen Wei and Wen Yi's birthdays !

Spinning Top taken from



  1. absolutely agree. good friends make things happen!!!

  2. thanks papabear, for visiting :)

  3. Wow! That's alot of gifts. Happy belated birthday to our little ones:)

  4. Yes Danesa, we quite paiseh. So everytime try to ask friends to bring only 2 gifts for "symbolic" exchange. Kids will still fight over 1,10 or even 100 toys..haha


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