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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tips for taking Fireworks, compiled from a newbie :p

**disclaimer.. these firework photos are not mine :p
The old firework photos we have are from our compact camera. You know they are fireworks, but nothing to shout about :0

This coming weekend, Daddy hopes to capture some "decent" fireworks. From research, we would love to share a few pointers. Note, Daddy is still at 纸上谈兵 stage.

- Iso - 100
- Shutter - Bulb
- Aperture - F11 to F14
- set lens wider to capture landscape or background too
- Manual focus (instead of Auto)
- Tripod and Remote is a must
- Arrive early, and chop your sweet spot :0
If you have additional tips, please please please share them with me :)

The tips sounds easy, but Daddy suspect multiple attempts are needed to improve our skills. Hope Daddy will not fumble with the Dslr buttons in the darkness :)

Please follow links below for tips and more gorgeous pics.
- http://www.digital-photography-school.com/how-to-photograph-fireworks
- http://www.reddotphoto.com.sg/content.php/75-Beginner-s-Guide-to-Capturing-Fireworks
- http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/fireworks.htm

Additional readings reveal a mysterious "Black Card".
- reduce bounced-lights off smoke, thus minimum over-exposure
- allows different "stages" of firework to be captured, and combined into final picture

Read this article for illustration of how a black card is used.

2nd and 3rd pics--> posted on DPS, and owners are StuckInCustoms and Michael Glover respectively.

**updated 01Jan2011
--> our first attempt at Anchorvale CC

**updated 2011Jul
--> NDP 2011 rehearsal Fireworks at Marina



  1. We are also very "ON" in taking video of fireworks display. BTW, for New Year's eve fireworks display at Rivervale (Sengkang), any idea where is a good spot to capture the best view?

  2. Rivervale me only went once :) Would suggest u drop by my friend blog "http://phoebelau.blogspot.com/" , maybe get some hints?


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