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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our boys are fishing in a Primary 3 English book, and Singapore Maths

Do not be surprised, if you see our boys in Marshall's Primary 3 English supplementary book. Our photo is in one of the article.

Our picture above is taken from our Qian Hu fish farm adventure -->

Marshall Cavendish (MC)is an international publisher, and their books are very popular in Singapore. As Daddy was reading more about MC, there was an interesting article on how Singapore's Maths are discovered and exported to the USA :


** Above English book pages are published with prior permission from Marshall Cavendish Education.


  1. whoa ur kids are getting the fame lol

  2. wow! you guys should be proud of yourselves! Not just anyone's pic can get in there :)

  3. hi Xcb and Papa, thank you for supporting sengkangbabies eh :)


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