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Friday, November 12, 2010

Hunks (no babe) and Toddler washing Daddy's car !

We bet you think Sengkangbabies only know how to enjoy outdoors and museums. Do you know we are good at washing Daddy's car?

Ok, we admit it can be tiring, but we got wet and we had FUN keke.

Wen Wei is Daddy's supervisor. He make sure his siblings
slog to get their meals :p

Video : Scoop splash scrub. Repeat. Daddy is our director.

Little Wen Yi got potential, he refuse to let everybody take his sponge (bob).

Wash Wash Scrub Scrub, some passerby thought we were being punished :p
We hope no one lodge complain against Daddy, for child abuse and exploitation.

We LOVE Daddy, he takes nice photos of us,
but why Daddy never let us rest?

Kids work out a sweat. Daddy is happy we keep his car clean,
and get fit at the same time. Killing two birds with one stone :p

Are you happy with our product? How often do you have
naked hunks cleaning your car?

Video : watch out for us @ your carparks !

We are proud of ourselves, look at the shiny reflection.

Tell you a secret, our carwash enterprise will start washing cars in our carpark first, once business is good, we will expand to Punggol !

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  1. So cute of your children.. A nice moment over there :D

  2. hi Fang, thanks for visiting. Hope your stomach better :)

  3. i heard u said "faster faster" LOL! your kids are so cute!!! xD

  4. thanks Magdalene, added for comic effect haha.


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