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Monday, December 19, 2011

When SMRT train breaks down..

Everyone in Singapore know about the SMRT breakdowns over the weekend.
This seems to be inconceivable in Singapore, where everything runs like clockwork.

Daddy is actually happy that small "disasters" strike us every now and then.
Floods at Orchard road, and trains breakdown.

It proofs that Singapore is not perfect, and nobody should take our basic infrastructure for granted. Incidence will always pop up, but it is how we response, that demonstrates our resolution.

**Sidetrack a bit**
Singapore's children have grown up in a dream world, where they “expect and demand” a roof over their heads, McDonald Big breakfasts are a given, and maids are meant to serve them. When things do not work, they start whining :p

Can we blame so many people for condemning the train breakdowns?
Daddy does not blame SMRT for the breakdown, but the follow-up fiasco leaves much to be desired.
The messy coordination and confusing information left countless commuters fuming.

We are left wondering whether there was any SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) in the first place.
Passengers were stuck in cabin for nearly one hour, with no light and minimum ventilation,
wondering whether HELP will come in minutes or in hours

Video : Exiting the MRT emergency door under brighter circumstances

Some points to ponder from this Train episode :
- What happens if there was a bomb? How do we self evacuate ?

- When faced with adversity, are we able to make a stand for ourselves, and help our families? Or do we still rely on Government for solution?

- On the other hand, how many of us take our fire-drills seriously? Daddy is one of those who take the lift earlier,
so he can avoid taking the stairs !

- install the FlashLight App for your Smartphone

- maybe more families can sign-up for a tour of MRT depot. We visited Sengkang depot last year.
Get familiar with Exits, walking on tracks etc.

- Daddy make a mental note to remind his kids to avoid "Transport Minister" role in future (if they wish to be politician) keke

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Count our blessings, Singapore is lucky that no one was injured in this incidence.
Let everybody learn and grow from this episode.

We should learn to look at things from a bigger perspective. People are dying in the region from flooding, hunger, and we are only complaining about train breakdowns.


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