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2015 CNY cookies for sale

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chinese New Year cookies for sale

~~~ Pineapple tart, Kueh Lapis, Bangkit, Love Letter ~~~

** Click for 2013's cookies' catalogue ** .

Chinese New Year (CNY) is approaching, and SengkangBabies are selling cookies on behalf of our friend again. We hope you love our cookies from previous years, and we look forward to your support for this year.

.. our butter cookies simply melts in your mouth..

.. and signature Pineapple tarts..

.. Kue Lapis, this "cake" is never enough at parties..

.. Love Letters, kids (and adults) just love their crunchiness ..

Our guinea pigs (Sengkangbabies) love them, your kids will love the cookies too :p

.. sweet dessert.. You like cornflakes? this is Chinese (New Year) style..

..Kueh Bangkit, another signature dish..

.. once you pop a Spring Roll, you can never stop..

..lovely Makmur

Price list and Order Form (Do take note Kueh Lapis price has increased)

Refer picture below for our CNY selection :
> all pastries available (except Peanut and Suji cookies)

If this is your first time order, we recommend the following pastries :
> PineApple Tarts
> Bangkit
> Spring Roll (little bit spicy)
> Love Letters

If our pictures look tasty, the pastries will taste even sweeter !
Hungry yet? please order and try our friend's cookies :

> Email your orders or enquiries (Subject:CNY goodies) to "teo.mengchoo@gmail.com"
> Orders above $50 get free delivery in Singapore
> Orders above $100 need a $20 deposit (bank account will be given)
> Listed price is Singapore $nett
> Last Order date is 09 Jan

All enquiries welcomed !

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