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Sunday, December 4, 2011

We love Marina Bay !

If ever you need to feel romantic, or just wish to share some couple moments with your darling, take a s-l-o-w stroll along Marina Bay. Now, what can you see along Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade?

1. Christmas trees. 20 of them has been planted, and some have been adopted by various organizations. Donations will be given to ComChest. Know more about ChariTrees here, and you can even vote and win "Open bus rides for two" (yes, you and darling) to spin around Marina Bay on Christmas eve !

2. When it rains, some photographers always go hunting for reflections. Did you notice Marina Bay City Gallery's glass-facade will reflect iconic buildings from (new) Financial downtown? During weekends, the water feature attract kids to run across without getting wet.

3. Look closely at the photo below, do you see some white balls in the water? Yes, the wishing spheres are back. You can pen your wishes for the coming year (health, happiness, marriage, family, wealth etc etc).

4. Love this lonely pontoon bridge. On a clear day, and at a lower angle, Daddy might be able to do some illusion to "link" bridge to Raffles City (across Marina Bay). Take in the city view basking in the evening lights. We can be proud of Singapore's downtown.

5. Marina Bay Sands (MBS) laser shows and the misty-bulbs seem to turn Promenade into a disco stage, festival of lights ! Imagine walking under the spotlight with your beau, basking in the Bay's activities.

6. Now, imagine Marina Bay atmosphere during 2012 Countdown, with the crowd, and fireworks !!
(ok, maybe babies will not enjoy :p)
.. We were there during National Day fireworks.

2012's Countdown posters are all around Marina Bay, you can read more about countdown activities here. (http://www.marinabaycountdown.sg/)

Before Daddy headed home, he saw families gathering around the open field. Someone was playing with remote-kites. These kites are fitted with hid-lookalike lamps which shine downwards. Awesome, the kids will be amazed. !

Now, when are you going to grab your beau to Romance at Marina Bay?
If you happen to be parents already, you can also keep the little ones entertained with activities mentioned above, while you hold Mummy or Daddy's hand keke.

For the latest activities around the Bay, simply subscribe to Marina Bay fanpage !

Our PM Lee first reveal the "Future" Marina Bay at his 2009 National Rally. When we see the pieces slowly come together like a puzzle, you have to be amazed. Wow, it is really happening ! !

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- Sentosa Resorts World
- Orchard Road

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  1. Ahha, I guessed you are one of the bloggers selected for the countdown (:

  2. Not official countdown-bloggers, but we will get to attend some pre-events :)

  3. We love Marina Bay too:) Can't believe I have ended up there for 3 consecutive weekends already but of course not for gambling:)

  4. hi hi Denesa, I am waiting for the MRT to reach MBS earlier. Carpark too expensive :)


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