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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How to setup your own Christmas Tree in 20s

Where have SengkangBabies been roaming to watch Christmas trees?
- Changi T3
- Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade
- Sentosa Resorts World
- Orchard Road

- SengkangBabies Home

After seeing so many trees, how can we not have one at home?

Bought one from Carrefour Suntec for $29.90
Bought extra balls as we know the kids love them !

We must always remember the process is more important than the end result !

Video : 45 mins to setup, but watch clip below to know how we manage under 20seconds ! ( fastforward )


One Family Project, One happy Project :)

Jingle : We wish you a Merry Christmas (repeat chorus) :)



  1. Teamwork always produce miracles wahaha :)

  2. Everyone was so busy in the video and i love the family spirit!!! So warm and cozy!

  3. i also feel like buying a tree for my girls..the only headache is how to keep it after christmas??

  4. I am so lazy to set up my tree this year. Perhaps I could outsource the set-up to your little ones..haha:)

    You are right to say that the process is more important than the end result:) Hmm..now I am inspired to drag my tree out of my store.

  5. Isaiah - the box is small so we squeeze into our store room.

    Denesa - My bigger two will help assemble, while two smaller ones pluck out the balls !

    加油 both of you :)


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