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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rainy days can be Sunny too !

Just look at our two young ones, Yi and Xin.
Slight drizzle but Daddy brought them downstairs to have some Umbrella fun :p (sing to Rihana's Um-bre-lla Um-Bre-lla)

Simple task like sharing and sometimes bickering over the umbrella, brought a tickle to Daddy's otherwise gloomy day. But the kids' photos are so bright and sunny ! (Looney and Gang helps)

Video : Who would think a small rain + brolly would bring so much Smiles !

So remember, rainy days does not need to be indoor-days (or gloomy for that matter), just look at our kids' SMILEs !!

**disclaimer : kids will instinctively step on puddles big and small, so Beware !


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