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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Throwing our Wishing Spheres into Marina Bay

Last Tue, as part of Esplanade's community engagement initiatives, some 160 guests from VWO (Voluntary Welfare Organisations) were invited to witness the launching of wishing spheres into Marina Bay.

As you might know by now, Singapore invites everyone to pen their wishes for the coming year onto wishing spheres.

After our signatures collecting sting at Tampines, our kids were very curious about how their wishing spheres will become neighbours with "Merlion and Durian" at Marina Bay. So our family troop down in support.

( if you are still clueless about wishing spheres, read here :p )

Found William and Calvin among the crowd. Our guests are busy writing their wishes, and our friends are busy snapping away :)

Kids kept asking why Marina Bay's water turns Milo, but Daddy tries his best to focus their attention on the wishing spheres instead keke.

Anyway, our kids got to doodle on the Wishing spheres again, Kang pen down HappY NEw YEar in bold.

After penning their wishes, we consolidate all the spheres again, some lucky guests were invited to fling the spheres into Marina Bay.

One by one, we moved the spheres nearer to the water edge.

1,2,3 aim your balls at the boat.. we thought some of the spheres were purposely aim at the boats !!

Video : 1,2,3 see who can throw furthest !

See those wishing spheres in the background, are you curious to know how they are anchored?
Read Daddy Kelvin's first hand account with the boatman.

Video : VWO Esplanade experience

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Thanks to Calvin for taking our family shot.

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This is how the Wishing Spheres will be illuminated at Night ! Awesome !

Credit : Purple Wishing sphere image from http://www.marinabaycountdown.sg/#/downloads

We are also featured on MarinaBay's countdown microsite-->



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