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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bye Bye 2011, Hello 2012 !

Life has been good. We have a lot of things to be grateful for :)

We have a Happy and Healthy family, kids are mischievous by nature, but generally Daddy and Mummy are enjoying the kiddos' growing up years keke :p

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

To send 2011 away, we will highlight our best posts. No awards given ok :0

Best Travel - Taiwan (Friendly culture, amazing food)
Best Food - 联合 Claypot Rice Lianhe (ChinaTown)
Best Social Media - We started integrating Fanpage and Twitter with our Blog. We hope you love our photos.

Best Playground -With our kids, there are no Bad playgrounds :p (sharing Singapore's best Playgrounds)
Best Discovery - Must be Flower Dome in Gardens !

Proudest moment - Daddy say "Kang graduates", Mummy says "Xin toilet trained, and Yi bunking in with his bros"

Best investment - our Nikon DSLR D5000

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

2012 heralds more changes and adventures for us.
- Mummy will upgrade to full time housewife
- Kang will join his Bro in Primary School
- No3 Yi and No4 Xin will be changing school

But Daddy promise you are going to hear more gossips from SengkangBabies in 2012 !
Our kids wish to say something.

So to all our family, friends, fans, acquaintance, we wish you and your family a Great 2012 !
Huat Ah ! Cheerios ! Yum Seng !


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