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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lunar Eclipse 天狗食曰

Singapore witness a rare Eclipse yesterday. From 2000 to 0100, the full was consumed by the Earth's shadow. A group of astronomy interest-group and photographers gather above One Fullerton for a clear sight. Even the stars appear to twinkle with us (it is normally too bright to spot Stars in Singapore).

We are humbled by this spectacle, humans are so minute in the Universe !

From the roof, the kids had fun entertaining themselves, while the adults were busy fixing their cameras and telescopes. Daddy has to ask the kids to stay away from the tripods as he does not intend to pay for any (10k plus ooops) damages keke.

While we wait for the eclipse in progress, MBS's laser show entertain us from across the bay.

Although we can see the Full moon with our naked eyes, it looks even rounder when we view it through the telescopes ! We can even spot two faint rings around planet Jupiter.

Thanks to URA and Heritage Fullerton's invitation, we have the roof to ourselves :)
Meet new friends, and chat with old friends. Everyone were in awe of the Eclipse happening right before our eyes !

Astronomy experts(SingAstro) and photographers (Darren, Andrew and Genghui) shared their moon-knowledge and photography tips with everyone. Thanks !
Even a layman like Daddy gets to appreciate the Eclipse better.

The eclipse started at around 2030, and by 2100, we can clearly see the "shadow".
(Image at F11, Iso 400 and shutter 1/400)

By 2200, the Moon was almost consumed. As the Chinese would say "天狗食曰"
(literally Heavenly Dog consume the Lunar Moon)

To see the Red moon, Daddy has to expose the moon for 2 or 3 seconds.
(F8 and iso400, shutter 2s)

Till 2014, when the next Eclipse occurs, this moon shots will be treasured by Daddy and friends :)
(Group Photo courtesy of Darren Chin)

More Moon shots at SengkangBabies fanpage.

In case you are hook on astronomical, do pop by our Stars recommendation --> http://sengkangbabies.blogspot.com/2011/12/star-trails-in-singapore.html
(organised by TASOS)


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