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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wishing Spheres, I Wish, I Want, I Hope

As part of Marina Bay 2012's countdown activities, Daddy and two younger kids join SGcares team to collect your wishes and hopes at Tampines :)

A little introduction about SGcares, if you have always wish to contribute back to society through volunteering, SGcares would be able to match your requirement and schedule.

Instead of canvassing for wishes, kids doodle and even pen their own names Proudly on the spheres ooops. Daddy got worried, maybe our timeslot (1 to 3pm) is nap time, and kids are not exactly cooperative and helpful :p

Since we are here at Tampines MRT, we might as well try our best. So Daddy assign Yi and Xin one ball each, and we invited passer-bys to pen their wishes for the coming year.

Look at how Yi and Xin kept themselves busy, playing with water, hide and seek, and even basketball ! Maybe some people are curious why small kids can volunteer too?

To be a volunteer, age does not matter, passion is more important.

This gusty girl blocks a pathway, and Forces everyone to sign (oh no) !!
If we are not invited for future charity/wishing events, you know the reason.

After finishing two smaller balls, we upsize and got a GIANT ball keke. The volunteers will politely invite everyone to express their aspirations and hopes.

Daddy told the kids the balls will eventually end up at Marina Bay's reservoir. And the kids are excited with another opportunity to view Merlion soon.

A little boy hopes his parents will listen more to him keke, and SengkangBabies wishes health and happiness to everyone :)

Collecting Wishes prove to be tiring for the little ones..

..or maybe they are tired after playing with basketball and football?

With each hope and smile, we volunteers are encouraged and spur on to collect more wishes :)

Benjamin's children show our kids how to be active volunteers :)

Daddy hopes our little Wishing Spheres project will highlight to you the volunteers' enthusiasm and sacrifices. Cheers to a better 2012!

The last day to pen your wishes is 18th Dec, you can find the nearest Wishing-Spheres-stations here. We recommend that you visit Marina Bay Fanpage or Marina Bay's 2012 Countdown website for more countdown activities.

Slowly but surely, 20,000 Wishing Spheres will be collected all over Singapore, and pool at Marina Bay by 25th Dec. Each sphere signifies someone's aspiration :)

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

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  1. Haha! I wrote about the wishing spheres too yesterday. We have hand-written our wishes in town yesterday. Very greedy too cos we almost filled up half a sphere for 4 people:)

  2. Paula, so nice of you to drop by, I should say xoxo too haha :)

    Danesa, 4 people one ball ok, I see students occupy one ball each (small one) :p


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