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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Note

The first thing you notice about a Samsung Galaxy Note is the size. The screen, at 5.3 is hugh for a smartphone, but too-small for a tablet. Will consumers be interested to get a "hybrid" so to say?
Daddy feels you will either like or hate this phone :p

The second interesting thing is the stylus. Samsung call it the "S" pen. Traditionally we use a stylus to poke the commands on a screen, but Galaxy Note allows you to :

- crop any photo, and superimpose onto another photo
- annotate on any powerpoint presentations, get your message across
- draw silly cartoons over your photos, make it unique !

Last but not least, with it's Dual core processor, games and applications does not slag on a Galaxy Note. With a 2500mHa battery, your phone will keep you entertained longer.

Cartoons never fail to amuse the kiddos. Samsung Galaxy Note allows you to express your creativity, and Daddy got addicted with doodling, and he thought only kids like to draw :p

We can "bring" the kids outdoors for their swimming class, instead of boring swimming pools haha :p

Samsung wants you to "Feel Free" ! Thanks to Nuffnang and Samsung, we get to trial Galaxy Note for 1 week, and if we wish, purchase it at $499 only (Retail price is $900). If only we have a White demo unit, it could be a perfect Christmas present keke.

For more Galaxy Note features and specifications, do drop by Samsung website.
Watch this clip and maybe you can see where the Fun is coming from.

ps.. in case you are interested in Samsung Galaxy S2, we reviewed it earlier, and photos are here.
Netizens are coming to Sengkangbabies blog for S2 because they are asking
"Is Samsung Galaxy S2 suitable for girls?" Hahaha.
So maybe Galaxy Note would be too beefy for ladies?

credit.. Above Samsung images are from http://www.samsung.com/sg/galaxynote/



  1. Can I also buy that at the price of $499? hahaha. It seems to be fun to play with the note.

  2. $499 only for bloggers keke. Consumers will get it cheaper under two years contract :)

  3. So sad. So gd can get that price. I need to sign 2 years then can get the phone cheaper. so the note is really gd?

  4. Note is good for now and maybe the next few months. Go and touch it first, the size might not be suitable for all :)
    In 6 months or less, Quad processor will appear in the market (super fast !)


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