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Friday, December 23, 2011

LV K2 Graduation concert

Two Fridays ago, Learning Vision (LV) celebrated their K2 Graduation at Republic Poly. This is Boon Kang's D-Day, his final performance before going to Primary school.

Outside the audithorium, LV preschools all over Singapore showcase their artworks.

We will be treated to Lion King Musical today ( tickets are not free :p ). Individual schools will take turn to role-play the casts. Kang will be Zebra :)

We start off with each school parading their K2 kids, take a bow K2s, you are going to graduate after six years in preschool !

Concert 's theme for today is Zimba (why not Simba? )

Grassland, love the grass on the student's head !

Colourful props and costumes entertain parents, kids and teachers have put in a lot of effort.

In short, the Lion King story.

Majestic animals gather, love all the creative costumes (we even spotted elephant and cheetahs !). LV really bring out the African savanna !

At the end of the concert, who cares it is Simba or Zimba, we thoroughly enjoy the show. Even Boon Yee and Boon Xin behave themselves throughout the entire concert !

Zimba with his baby, as we watch the Golden sun rise, so will a new era descend :)

Grand Finale, that's it for K2 graduation ceremony. After all the countless hours of rehearsals and sweat, one final farewell.

Video : Watch Kang's Zebra somersault at 15s :)

A burst of colour and enthusiasm as kids line up in their costumes.

Post concert celebration. Every parent and teacher are proud of the kids.

Boon Kang's buddies and fellow "animal" friends keke. Wishing everyone a successful career in Primary 1 :p

Group photo with our teachers.

Dear Teachers, we will be missing you. Thank you for taking care of us, and bearing with our tantrums. We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to the teachers, for nurturing our kids.

More Graduation concert photos can be found at SengkangBabies fanpage.
If you are interested, you can view Boon Wee's graduation (Wizards of Oz) two years back.


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