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Friday, December 9, 2011

2012 Marina Bay Countdown's featured blogger

Walking across Marina Bay reservoir?
Daddy is dreaming, but if we can walk across Marina Bay and KICK the balls, that would be so cool !
(this is a man's thing). Imagine, playing soccer over water to herald in the new year woohoo!!

Above scenario might be possible for Countdown 2020.
Meanwhile, SengkangBabies are honored to be selected as one of the "Featured" bloggers for 2012's Marina Bay countdown ! There will be opportunities for us to bring you behind-the-scenes actions and activities.

Shall we talk more about the Wishing Spheres?

Ok, just write down your wishes, dump the balls in Marina Bay and your wishes will come true.
So simple right?

Now Imagine 20,000 balls, loaded onto mini boats, string them together, under the HOT sun.
Daddy hopes he will survive this episode to blog about his tears and sweat !

And what will the tourists be thinking, will they join us in penning their wishes or simply take in the sight when 20,000 spheres fill up Marina Bay?

What will Merlion be thinking? You might get a hint from previous year's photo-contest
(hint use fisheye lens to have a better chance of winning)

Go on, profess your Admiration, declare your biggest Love. (I love you, you love me).
And hope your wishes will bear fruits..
(disclaimer : hope itself will not deliver anything, we have to strive for what we believe in ! )

Just in case you thought Marina Bay countdown activities are only about balls, there are a host of activities awaiting you and family in the month of December.

Come celebrate together !

Video : Daddy promise he will not talk about any more balls or spheres in this post. Just watch the video clip ok :)

This Dec will be a month of excitement for us, and we hope your family will join in the fun too :)

Stay tune for more updates in the weeks ahead, if you cannot wait, do visit and "Like"
Marina Bay Fanpage or Marina Bay's 2012 Countdown website.

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