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Monday, December 26, 2011

K-Pop fails

(cough cough)

Before Kpop fans wallop Daddy, we were trying to imply our own copycat choreography fails.
The real Kpop rocks, ok !

We will share with you why it is so difficult to dance and sashay in tune, Heh, we are not even singing yet ! So, when we are judging and laughing over X-factor performances, or even Sat's An(1) Pei(2) Na(4) variety shows, Daddy is laughing at himself :p

A lot of hardwork and sweat lies behind each "coordinated" hip and trust, it looks easy, but we know it is not ! Even Happy Feet is not easy , as we mimick a scene from 20s onwards.

SengkangBabies version.. Fail . Do give us sympathy points for effort, and the kids do look cute, right?
Look at Yi (just need to turn head left and right) and Xin (30s) trying their best to fit in haha !

Now, for the real cool stuff !!

Video : From today onward, Daddy will drill kids to perform better, with help from Girls' Generation :p

Any studio want to sign up our kids for a dance contract :p
Maybe Singapore has S-Pop in 10 years?



  1. Thumbs up for the effort ..

    Here's wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)

  2. thank you 吳大娘, love your blog-name , very original. Will be following your kids' journal.
    cheers, andy


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