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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Learning Vision Cecil K2 Graduation concert

Some 110 K2 Learning Visions kiddos from all over Singapore gathered at Matrix (Biopolis Way) this morning for their graduation performance.

2009's Theme is "Land Of Oz", where the children will play out Dorothy's journey.
Arrival in school at 0730, and makeover for kiddos.
Daddy and Mummy brought Kang for breakfast before we went to Matrix.
Kang wants to buy photos?

Kids in their robe look so cute, like 小大人 (little adult).

Video : K2 kiddos making an entry, to applause of proud parents

On stage .. more clapping.

Concert Menu.. Wei's class is performing in Tale Two and Act Two.

Tale 1

Tale 2

Video - Tale 2
Video : Lao Mao is the naughty cat :p

Video : Wei's Malay and Indian friends can lip Mandarin lyrics, interesting :)

Land of Oz - Act One

Land of Oz - Act Two, Wei in Orange costume

Video: Land of Oz - Act Two

Video : HyperActive kiddos, they drank RedBull?

Video : The stage exploded with vibrant colours.

Land of Oz, continues..

Video : Finale, all together
Video : sing a song

Cecil's turn to move to front row

Video : bye bye to our K2 journey.

The whole concert stretch from 1000 to 1300, no wonder Wei was hungry and tired at the end. But nothing could conceal his excitement. Wei thoroughly enjoyed himself in play acting, partnering his K2 buddies.

Before we head home, all buddies Unite.
Maybe Kiddos will look back at their own performance, and marvel at their costumes a few years later?

Daddy and Mummy : One word, Impressive.
This wonderful concert would not be possible without Teacher's Passion and coordination !!

Congrats to Wei

**added 10Jan2010
Video : No child's play - hard preparation

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