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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gold Coast Surfers Paradise... but no swiming ??

Felt weird, here we are, 7 hours away from Singapore, at Gold Coast's famous beach, Surfers Paradise, but we did not dip into the sea.

Be it dusk or dawn, Surfers got that magical touch. Everytime we look behind, the city-coastline looks spectacular!

Video : Having Fun with Waves, and sun setting

The cloud patterns and city lights, a pretty combination. Unfortunately Daddy does not have tripod, and pics turn out blur :p

Video : Night falls, howling Winds (nice backdrop!)..water is Freezing !!

On our last day (before we head to Brisbane), Daddy brought the two boys to touch the waves one more time. Boys try to look cute by pulling up their pants.

We like seeing the Sun's ray pierce through the clouds.

Video : 100m sprint, aim for the sea gulls

We forgot to take pic with life-guard :(

For this trip, we did not even dip into our hotel's pool.
Can you imagine how tired Daddy and Mummy can be haha.

Video : Sharing our waves and sandy experience with you, my Friends !!

If footwear can talk, what will they say about FUN?

No Swimming at Surfers Paradise??
Day 1 - GoldCoast Arrival and Glow Worm
Day 2 - Shopping - Carrara Markets and Harbour Town
Day 3am - Paradise Country Farm, pet a animal or two
Day 3pm - Qdeck 77th
Day 4 - Movie World
Day 5 - Sea World
Day 6 - Dream World

Day 7 - Brisbane (wip)


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