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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Learning Vision @ Singapore Zoo Outing

Last Tuesday was Zoo day for Learning Vision.
Parents were invited to join the their kids' excursion.

...but the distant thunder and gloomy skies threatened to spoil our fun.

We arrive earlier, and waited patiently for our friends.

See, the floor is wet ! but Learning Vision brought the sun with them :)
We spotted students from at least ten other schools today !!

Our small friends, impressionable and always chirpy, enthusistic.

The kiddos in blue, hand in hand, we tour the zoo.

Video : Tram ride never fails to bring on the cheers :)

The wheels on the bus goes round and round...

For the smaller kids, the hikings can be tiring. Some started to pester teachers to hug keke.
We stop over for a break at the pgymy hippo enclosure.

We saw Kangaroos in Australian Outback, but why are they not hopping?

Next, we took the tram to visit Animal Friends !

Before our four-legged friends came out, the cast invited kiddos to hip hop :)

Doggies tickle us with their acrobatics.
Daddy has to explain to Wen Yi that Uncle is not hitting Jack (russel) with stick!!

Video : Animal Friends performing !

After the show, we get to pet the dogs, and indulge in bubble clapping yeah !

Lunch at KFC. Teachers were rushing here and there
to settle the kids, and bring them food.

This pony at the nursery attracted a lot of stares :)

While waiting for our tram, we entertained ourselves.

Video : swinging kiddos

Are we ready to head home? Look at the happy kids :)

As parents, Daddy would like to take this opportunity to thanks our Teachers :
- who were alway keeping their eyes wide open, incase one child wanders away.
- ensuring the kids were well fed and taken care of
- most importantly, teachers allow kids to relate what they learn in classrooms, with outdoor activities.

Video : which way to exit?

We bade bye bye to our friends and teachers. Who wants milk?
Both Kang and Yi knocked off in the car even before the first traffic junction haha.
..their friends must have slept in the coach too :p

We look forward to more outdoor tours with our school in the near future !!

**Need more zoo pics, we also went to the zoo with our cousins back in Aug -->


  1. Nice pix. I'm still not even halfway doing the photos yet... :P

  2. thanks man, if got candid of me or boys, save a copy for me ok hehe.

  3. It's rare to see a Daddy keep a blog for the kids. Kudos to you for your efforts! Your children are very fortunate. They will be able to read all about their experiences when they grow up. =)

    Keep writing!


  4. yes Bing, I do not want kids to see their childhood flash by so quickly( or preoccupied with xbox,ps3,wii haha). Hopefully, some memories can be retained :) (u still in NZ 4am? just Woke up or insomia haha)


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