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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Daiso - What can $2 buy you? Tons of FUN!

Daddy is not one to go shopping, but one trip to Daiso (the $2 shop) ...

..unleash so much inspirations hehe.

Does Kang look like the Nuffnang icon?

You should see them take turn role-playing kitties haha. Meow !

Daddy also saw some cute dresses.. for four-legged best-friends !!

Video : more cute scenes

Let me show you how to balance my red nose! Awesome.

**updated 2011Aug** Read Daiso Part 2 for shades (Still with cute kids)



  1. uwahhh!!! i want tat humongous spec!!!!

  2. hi nana, if u got friend in Singapore, ask them buy $2 hee hee

  3. SO cute! We love Daiso too... I get most of my craft stuff from there, their range is great!

  4. haha mamaj, i hate shopping, and Daiso manage to kept me inside for 1 hour :p

  5. u guys have a whole HUMONGOUS Ikea play corner.......... goodness......

  6. ikea? Daiso leh. But kids still had some wacky fun :)


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